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Unique living roof solutions specifically designed and tailored to meet the individual requirements of each project. We can design & install green roofs that range from pre grown low maintenance, lightweight sedums & succulents to full intensive roof gardens with NZ natives, tussocks & grasses.

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We are now proud to be working in collaboration with Sempergreen Australia. Sempergreen is the developer and supplier of sustainable green solutions, green roofs, ground cover and green living walls. Their pre-grown vegetation blankets and trays are low maintenance and quick to install offering a green result from day one.

Bespoke Green roof Design
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Why install a green roof?

Living RoofsContribute
To Healthy Cities

Green roofs are plants and vegetation growing on a roof. They are sometimes known as living roofs and can contain sedum and a variety of New Zealand native plants, which grow in a substrate/growing medium. Generally they are not grass roofs.

A green roof is the logical choice when considering environmentally sustainable design (ESD) in buildings in urban areas. They benefit the environment in a number of ways.

Living roof systems help improve air quality, insulate buildings, reduce urban heat island effects and they support biodiversity. In addition, water retention from green roofs also reduce rainwater run off which helps reduce storm water pollutants entering waterways.

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Greenroofs waterproofing membrane work in with the requirements of waterproofing companies to ensure that guarantees/warranties remain valid.

We have created unique intensive and extensive green roof solutions in Queenstown, Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland, Dunedin, Waiheke, Bay of Islands and more…

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