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Do I need Council permission for a Green Roof?

The simple answer is yes, at this stage. You will, at the very least, require a building consent for the greenroof. Depending on what zone you live in, you may require a resource consent. It’s really a case by case issue so it would be wise to approach your local Council to check. Not obtaining…

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Why would I want a green roof?

Extend the life of the roof and waterproof membrane. Reduce storm water run-off. Improve thermal performance of the roof. Improve habitat for birds and insects. Absorb carbon dioxide and reduce greenhouse gases. Improve acoustic performance. They look great.

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How often does maintenance need to be carried out?

Generally, 3-4 visits in the first year. 1-2 visits for subsequent years.

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How much does a green roof cost?

The cost of a green roof generally starts at around $200 per square metre to supply, install and maintain for the first 12 months an extensive green roof. The factors affecting cost include craneage, size, location, height, layout and type of green roof required. Contact us for more information.

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What are the rates of coverage for each system?

Plug planted roof will achieve 80% plant coverage 9-12 months after installation

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Could I use NZ natives?

Yes there are many NZ species suitable for roof planting. However the growing medium substrate needs to be deeper than for sedum and they will require more maintenance.

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How are the plants installed?

Depending on site conditions, plant selection, rates of coverage required and budget. The first option is hydroseeding/planting; cutting material and seeds are spread on the prepared substrate, seeds germinate/cuttings root and the plant layer establishes over time. Option 2 is plug planting – young plants are manually installed into the substrate at the given density…

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Do you use the same system on all roofs?

No. The design of each system with regard to build up and plant selection will vary for each roof. As well as client demands and budget, factors taken into account include building location, surrounding environment, and orientation of the roof and localised microclimates on the roof.

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