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How much does it weigh?

The maximum weight of a fully saturated extensive green roof (75mm depth of growing medium) i.e. all the material above the waterproof layer is 100 kg per square metre.

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What are the different types of Green Roof?

Green roofs are classified as either extensive or intensive. Extensive green roofs are lightweight and low maintenance. They are usually inaccessible and are therefore planted with drought-resistant species, which survive on rainwater. Intensive green roofs require comprehensive maintenance. Because intensive green roofs are often accessible and more elaborately planted, buildings must be able to bear…

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What is a Green Roof?

Roofs that are either partially or completely covered with plants are considered green roofs. While green roof technology is somewhat new in NZ, European countries, in particular Germany, have been designing green roofs for decades. Each particular green roof varies, however, every green roof contains the following basic components: waterproofing membrane, root barrier, drainage and…

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