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Are there proven, scientific standards for green roof design?

Presently, the only widely accepted, established standards for green roof construction are those developed in Germany by the Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau.(FLL)These standards and guidelines are comprehensive, and include industry standard tests for the weight, moisture, nutrient content, and grain-size distribution of growing media. FLL also certifies laboratories to conduct critical tests, such as the root…

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Does the roof have to be flat?

No the plants and substrate will be stable and successful at pitches up to 30 degrees

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Can I put a green roof on my existing residence?

Many people have realized the benefits of a green roof on their own home. For either existing dwellings or new construction, one should always consult a structural engineer to determine the structural requirements of a green roof.

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Can people walk on the green roof?

Generally, extensive green roofs are not designed for pedestrian traffic. But the occasional incursion by an inspector or maintenance worker would not be a problem for most commonly used plants.

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Do leaks and other problems occur?

Greenroofs protect the waterproofing from ultra-violet radiation and thermal shock. These are the two main elements that age and eventually cause the waterproofing to fail. It is generally accepted that installing a green roof will double the estimated life expectancy of a newly installed waterproofing system.

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Where can I see an existing green roof?

Greenroofs Ltd have worked on the Waitakere Civic Centre green roof in Henderson and University of Auckland’s green roof trials at the School of Engineering. In addition there are many other existing green roofs such as the Hundertwasser toilets in Kawakawa, Maori Bay, Muriwai public toilets or the Auckland Botannic Gardens.

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Are they always green?

No! Many greenroofs appear red, orange, yellow and all colours in between at different times of the year because the fleshy leaves of various succulents change colours throughout the year. Also, greenroof plants are not all evergreen, nor should they be. The beauty and anticipation of the change of seasons add to the colour palette….

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Do I need to water it?

Yes – we have found that we are unable to warranty a green roof installation unless it has some kind of simple automatic dripline irrigation system.

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