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How Can I Get a Greenroof?


The main criteria to bear in mind are the following:

  • Based on a minimum average growing medium depth of 75mm, the plant systems have a maximum saturated weight of 100kgs per m². The roof structure must be able to support this weight. This includes all other normal weight that a roof should support.
  • The roof should have a sound waterproofing system. The plants are able to hold a large amount of water, especially during the winter season. Both the total amount and the rate of rainwater run off is greatly reduced easing the burden on stormwater drains.
  • For roof pitches above 10º, reinforced “ribs” may be required to prevent substrate slippage. Advice on roof pitches are offered through our consultancy service.
  • All plant material is either grown by Greenroofs Ltd or sourced from as close as possible to the installation site


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