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Residential IRRIGATION In the Waikato Region

Based in Cambridge and serving the whole of the Waikato, I have over 20 years’ experience working in all aspects of the irrigation industry – design, installation, servicing and maintenance from golf courses and plant nurseries to residential gardens to tiny balcony gardens.

Sick of dragging hoses around?

Afraid the garden will die if you go on holiday?

Install a new, fully automatic Irrigation system for a lush garden without the hassle.

Save Time

Save Time

Spent Watering

save money

Save Money

On Water Bills

save water

Save Water

By Using It More Efficiently

Don’t waste your time and money

watering your plants during the daytime.

While daylight may seem like the best time for garden work it’s not ideal for your wallet or your garden!

By setting your sprinkler system’s operating run time to the early morning hours, you can expect to save between 30% and 50% of the water you would otherwise be using. Early morning watering is essential because it gives the soil enough time to absorb the water rather than be evaporated by the hot sun. The last 2 summers have seen Hamilton and Waipa councils introducing water restrictions so that sprinklers can only operate between 6am and 8am in the morning and 6pm and 8pm in the afternoons.


Of New Irrigation Systems

I can analyse your garden layout to determine the best configuration for your new irrigation system. Factors like paved surfaces, varying plant types, and shape and or slope of your outdoor space are all highly considered in our design process to make sure we place sprinklers in the ideal location and maximize efficiency.

Irrigation systems for existing garden beds

If you already have well-established lawns and gardens and are fed up with hand watering and spending countless hours dragging hoses around but you don’t want to install an automatic irrigation system because you’re afraid of damaging the turf then relax. I will carefully cut and remove the turf, remove the soil and place it on a tarp or plywood, lay the pipe to the correct depth before reinstating and well watering so that you usually can’t tell after a few days where the digging took place.

Usually, I use Hunter irrigation products but have worked with and am familiar with all the major manufacturers – Toro, Orbit, Rainbird, Galcon

Irrigation System Installation
Irrigation System Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance

For Existing Irrigation Systems

A well-installed irrigation system should give years of trouble-free watering but inevitably problems and leaks can occur, either through general wear and tear, debris entering the system, enthusiastic gardeners with sharp spades or excessive plant and root growth. Using experience and a range of diagnostic equipment I can usually identify and repair most problems.

By booking an annual service before the summer season, I can do a full system evaluation, run each zone and check the coverage, identifying any issues before suggesting a range of options and cost estimates.